How Much Does a Backyard Garden Cost?

Curious about the costs associated with setting up and maintaining a backyard garden?  We are too!

Our goal is to accurately cost out just how much value you can get out of a backyard garden setup.  We see so many sites that say their garden makes them money, but don’t have the data to back it up.  We plan on tracking every cost as close as possible to judge just how much money you can save gardening in your backyard!

Total initial garden setup costs

These are the costs to setup a set of four 4’x4′ garden boxes complete with irrigation, construction materials, and soil.

Irrigation spend:  $    45.74
Garden box construction spend:  $    66.20
Soil spend:  $    97.46
Drip system spend:  $    53.76
Total:  $  263.16

You can check out the full initial cost breakdown here!

We don’t track the value of recycled or gifted items.  This would cause too much variability and difficulty in providing accurate cost data.  We do try to mention these items in relevant posts.  If you have any questions about these items, definitely let us know!

Individual setup articles:

Garden additions

Along the way you may make some additions to the garden based on your setup.  If you live in a rural or suburban area, you are likely going to have to deal with pests like rabbits at some point.  Additions such as a garden fence will definitely add to your garden costs!

Rabbit fence  $    85.80
Total  $    85.80

Maintenance and pest control

Unfortunately, pests are always going to be a problem for the garden.  Additionally, from time to time you might need to purchase fertilizers or other products for garden maintenance.

Pest control (diatomaceous earth, neem oil, etc.) $  29.42
Garden pump sprayer $  13.97
Total $  43.39

Current cost tracking

This section details the variable costs.  These include items such as soil, seeds, and water.  Water estimates are based on increases from historical averages drawn from past bills.

Initial Costs $     263.16
Addition Costs $     85.80
Variable Costs
Maintenance  $     43.39
Seeds  $     4.74
Water  $           –
Extra Soil  $           –
Cosmetic (mulch)  $     20.00
Total Cost $      417.09

Garden profitability: Crop yields with average store pricing

Coming soon!  Right now we are in the process of growing and gathering data.

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